Wedding Packages

Classic Services:

Solo Cello

$125/ceremony, get a $50 discount for cocktail hour when you book a ceremony ($75 cockatil hour)
This package includes performance by Michelle. The classic Bach Suites work great without accompanimnet. For pop tunes, it is best to add a backing track (see below). This package is great for intimate weddings. For loud outdoor or larger weddings, a soloist will need amplification (see specials below). Check out her website for samples!

String Duo

$250/ceremony, $100 discount for cocktail hour w/ceremony ($150)
A string duo, usually a violin and cello, is an affordable ensemble that can stand well on its own without a backing track and sound better on a wider range of repertoire. It provides the basic elements of the music, the melody and the harmony. It is great for intimate weddings. For outdoor or larger weddings, a duo will sound best with amplification (see specials below).

String Trio

$375/ceremony, $150 discount w/cocktail hour w/ceremony ($225)
The string trio, either: two violins-one cello, or one violin-one viola-one cello, is a full representation of musical harmonies and can provide additional fullness of sound. This is a great option for those who really want a string quartet but are on a tight budget. String trios hold up on their own without backing tracks and usually without amplification. This is a great ensemble for small to medium (0-100) guests. For outdoor weddings in loud or windy places, amplification may be necessary (see specials below).

String Quartet

$500/ceremony, $200 discount w/cocktail hour w/ceremony ($300)
The string quartet is the classic string chamber ensemble, made of two violins-oneviola-one cello, it was the ideal medium for royal courts throughout Europe beginning in the 18th century and is still the standard today. Featuring a lush, full, powerful sound and the option of rhythmic support, the "SQ" (as we call them in the classical world) is capable of reproduing any kind of music imagineable without a backing track. And because of the size, this ensemble can carry in small space fine without amplification. Still, for best sound quality, especially in loud settings, the SQ sounds best amplified. See specials below.

Specials and Additions:

Add additional acoustic guitar to any ensemble

$125 first hour, $75 per hour after 1st hour
The acoustic guitar is an excellent option, it sounds beautiful, and can do the job of many different instruments. It adds wonderful color to the bowed strings and can provide a more accurate representation of contemporary tunes. If you are thinking of having all contemporary choices for your wedding music, I highly recommend adding an acoustic guitar, or dropping one ensemble down and having an acoustic guitar instead of a bigger bowed string ensemble.

Add a singer to any ensemble

$150 first hour, $75 per hour after 1st hour
For the songs where the words really matter, it might be best to have a singer do the job. The singer is capable of reaching the audience in a way that instruments cannot and often add an element of excitement to the string performance. Michelle knows many vocalists and can hire classically trained, pop, or musical singers.

Add a harp to any ensemble

$400 flat fee
The harp is a big, beautiful instrument. The harp adds a very enchanting quality to any performance, and, much like the acoustic guitar, it can do the job of many instruments at once. The harp is very difficult to transport, thus the high rate, but if you love the harp like I do, it is worth the price!

Add any other instrument to any ensemble

Inquire with Michelle
If you have your heart set on another instrument like keyboard, brass, woodwinds, or any others, plase let me know, and we can absolutely make it happen. Prices vary depending on my colleagues' prefered rates.

Add P.A. system to any ensemble

$200 - $400 flat rate (depending on the amount of mics needed)
Add a P.A. if you don't already have a DJ who can provide microphones for the ensemble. This will ensure that your music is heard, and also helps the musicians stay healthy because they dont have to press as hard into their instruments.

Electrify my Ensemble

$25 flat rate per musician
This is just as good as the P.A., but will be less expensive. The downside is that we have to use our electric instruments, which may not have the classic look of an acoustic string instrument. If you don't mind the look of an electric string ensemble, this package will help ensure that your music is heard. This is easier to control than a P.A. because a direct line into an amp eliminates feedback issues. The sound quality is superb. This ensemble is also ideal if you know you'd like exclusively up-tempo rock music.

Add backing track to any ensemble

$50-100 depending on amount of music, production fees
A backing track is suggested, especially for smaller ensembles playing contemporary music and for cocktail hours. Michelle only uses high quality tracks that match very closely with the original. Backing tracks sound best with an electric or amplified instrument, especially for larger venues.