Passion projects are a special piece of an artist's creative output, no other time do they get to create something without boundaries. 

MY First Music Video

The Team

With the help of some stellar composers and producers in the LA scene, all offering their expertise for free, I have begun work on my very first solo music video. Michael Barry, composer for League of Legends and founder of Cinesamples, has composed a classical solo cello theme. Juan Ariza, producer with credits from Avatar and Atlantic records, worked with me to produce the experimental pop portion. The incredible mixing engineer Jonas Petersen, who has composed for Disney, helped me record the solo cello and leads and mastered the final product. All of these people are dear to me and I could not have done it without their excellence and kindness. 

The message

The story in Ash + Flume is really important for me. I want to make a clear statement that I have a classical past and I'll never forget where I came from, but as an artist I am in the world as a contemporary cellist. Spoiler alert: I burn an acoustic cello to symbolize the passing of my days as a classical artist, and from the ashes I am reborn, and I take the cello with me into the 21st century with a black 5-string electric cello, courtesy of NS Design. I think it is a great start to the career with the ultimate goal of reframing the cello as a versatile, modern instrument and break it from its chains as a "classical crossover" instrument. 

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Symphonic Planet is a group of musicians, composers, and sound designers who travel the world in search of beautiful ear candy, be it natural sound phenomena or enticing non-western instruments. Using the sounds we collect, we compile sample libraries and compose cinematic music inspired by our journeys, suitable for documentary-style media. We also score travel documentaries, like this one of Palawan by filmmaker Scott McFarlane.  Our recent treks have taken us to Death Valley, Rim of the World, and Malaysia/Borneo.

Please see our finished composition, "Victim of the Elements" and documentary from our trip to Death Valley.

We think of ourselves as goodwill ambassadors, travelling the globe and dedicating our musical talents to the cultures and spaces we encounter, honoring them with our work and our art.