Music with Michelle

MICHELLE IS NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING STUDENTS --- The only teaching she does at the moment is through a studio in Redondo Beach. Lessons must go through them, availability is extremely limited. Visit their website at

Michelle is a cello teacher in Southern California, serving hundreds of aspiring musicians in her decade of teaching. Her teaching philosophy involves encouragement, fun, discovering musical intuition, a holistic knowledge of music, life-long lessons about the value of concentration and hard work, and so much more.

Michelle primarily teaches all levels of cello and music theory, intermediate viola, violin, bass, piano, and guitar. In addition to her own private lessons, Music with Michelle can connect students to teachers in their area on any instrument at any level!

Through performance lessons, Michelle's students also learn the rudiments of musicianship including music theory and ear training, music history, good practicing habits, musical creativity and composition, and relaxed posture based on principals of the Alexander Technique, giving them a holistic relationship with the world of music. Each student may participate in our annual recital, which will feature students from all of Music with Michelle's teachers. In addition to her private studio, Michelle helps connect her students with youth ensembles that fit their level, encourage their learning, and help them grow.

The value of positive music lessons with a great teacher is invaluable and will serve the student for their entire life.