Lesson Rates and Policies


In Michelle's Studio:
30 Minutes at $30
45 Minutes at $45
1 Hour at $60

In-home lessons (very limited availability):
30 Minutes at $50
45 Minutes at $65
1 Hour at $80

Michelle recommends taking lessons once a week. If you or your child has never taken lessons before, it is a good idea to begin at 30 minutes and increase lesson time as the student progresses. For intermediate and advanced students, longer lesson times are recommended. Many adult hobbyist students with busy schedules take lessons once every other week.

Payment Schedule

Payment for lessons is made during the first week of the month, and can either be paid with check or cash in person, or with card through MichellePackmanMusic.com online. Students beginning lessons mid-month will pay a pro-rated first month of lessons.

Cancellation and Refunds

Lessons are non-refundable after the payment has been made, however, if the student gives Michelle at least 24 hours of notice before the lesson time, Michelle will happily make up the lesson another time. Lessons cancelled within 24 hours without a doctor's note will not be refunded or made up. For this reason, it is a good idea to have your calendar with you when you make your payment, so you only pay for the lessons you know you will attend for the month. In the Lesson Payment shopping cart, specify your attendance in the "Quantity" text box that appears on the purchase screen. (I.e. if you are attending four lessons in the upcoming month, please type in "4" in the Quantity form box.)

Refusal/Termination of Service

Michelle reserves the right to refuse and/or end service with anyone at any time for any reason. These reasons include the interest of safety. Michelle will terminate lessons with students who are not practicing regularly.

Special Discounts

Siblings! Take $5 off each lesson for every sibling!
Refer a friend! If your friend signs up for at least a month's worth of lessons, take 10% off your first child's next month of lessons!

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