Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.
— Maestro Pablo Casals

DearEST music lover,

Thank you for your interest in my string ensembles. I have had the honor of providing beautiful music for engagements, weddings, corporate events, coming-of-age ceremonies, VIP salons, memorial celebrations, music videos, recording sessions, and many more. 

I can perform as a cello soloist or with string ensembles of all sizes. We can play with backing tracks for a sensational performance or unaccompanied for that special intimacy. Electrified or classic, amplified or acoustic, the possibilities are endless. My ambition as your music performer and coordinator is to accommodate everything you envision with the utmost friendliness and alacrity, and we have go-to suggestions ready if you are not sure where to start.

My roster of musicians consists of some of the finest classically trained musicians in LA. Don't let the classical training fool you, we love playing all kinds of music! My entire collection of repertoire below, from Beethoven to The Beatles, was assembled over time by real client requests. People like you pick music that signifies something personal, whether it is the anthem of true love or an ode to loved ones who pass away. To date, I have over 800 pieces in my collection; that is a lot of celebration, expression, healing, and peace. Being a professional musician is a rare and incredible opportunity; it is with the utmost gratitude that we take up our instruments to celebrate the moments and the people who mean so much to you.

Michelle & Co.

current repertoire

The list of repertoire is revised with every new piece and was last updated November 4, 2016.