Musical Services

Event Rates & Policies


Michelle and her colleagues work for $125/hour per musician, with a brief break at every hour of playing. Although rates cannot be discounted, Michelle will work with you closely to make the most of your event without over-spending.


If your event is within 25 miles of Michelle's travel range, there is no travel fee. Events outside of 25 miles but still in the Southern CA (e.g. accessible by car) have a $1/mile travel fee (e.g. an event 45 miles away would incur a fee of $45 per musician). Additionally, Michelle asks that the client arrange comped parking for the musicians. 

Events outside of the Los Angeles metropolitan area may incur flight and hotel expenses. Michelle will always strive to find the most reasonably priced accommodations. Michelle will always include a specified amount in her quotes based on exact mileage and travel quotes. 


In addition to playing works from her own list of event repertoire, Michelle can accommodate up to three (3) special song requests per booking for songs which aren't already in her library. Typically for weddings these requests would be included in the ceremony (processional family, processional bride, candle-lighting or other ceremony song, recessional, or bride and groom dance). Any requests beyond this for music not already in the repertoire library must be accompanied by compensation (see below), as each special song request can take several hours of composition and arranging.

Additional Song Requests

For additional requests, Michelle will find a pre-existing arrangement and request that her wedding client pay for the price of the arrangement. Pre-existing arrangements typically cost between $10 to $50. If an arrangement cannot be found, or the arrangement isn't to the client's liking, Michelle will complete the arrangement for a fee of $30/hour.

Unlimited Requests from Michelle's Library

Clients are free to make as many requests as they would like for music already included in the library. If no special requests are made, Michelle will work with you to select music which is suitable for the style of the wedding and personalities and tastes of the couple getting married. Michelle takes pride in finding arrangements that sound great. Many musicians play string quartet music from incomplete lead sheets or piano scores, but Michelle's library contains no shortcuts. Every arrangement is made specifically for the ensemble playing the music. Please see "booking" page for a full list of string quartet repertoire.

Client Responsibilities

Michelle and her ensemble musicians request arm-less chairs for each musician. We also ask politely that the client(s) provide water or other refreshments for the performers. Most crucial for the well-being of our beloved instruments, we require that the client provide complete shade from direct sunlight in venues which are outdoors and complete shade isn't available. Umbrellas, tents, awnings are all acceptable sources of shade.

Performer Responsibilities

Performers shall arrive forty-five minutes before the start of the service to set up and to warm up. Michelle will have an unlimited collection of music, and the music will be performed without any significant breaks (lasting more than 15 minutes) and for the agreed upon period of time. Performers will be responsible for music stands.

Non-refundable Deposit

At the time of signing the contract, the client shall pay a non-refundable deposit to Michelle for 50% of the final cost of services, including cost of additional song requests. The amount shall be subtracted from the remaining sum upon completion of the services.

Payment and Cancellation

Remaining compensation shall be payable in a lump sum upon completion and within thirty (30) days of services performed, minus the deposit amount.

All deposit fees are non-refundable. A minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice is required for cancellation of the client's Contract. Any cancellation made with less than two weeks’ notice prior to the agreed upon service date will result in full payment by the client. If the cancellation is initiated by Michelle, all money paid to Michelle from her client shall be fully refunded, including the deposit fee. Refund shall be paid out within thirty (30) days of cancellation.

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