At a shoot with brilliant head shot photographer  Stephanie Girard

At a shoot with brilliant head shot photographer Stephanie Girard


it's fun to be behind the scenes!

Everyone knows the stereotype about professional musicians: they are lazy, absent-minded night owls with a blank pocket calendar. While there may be something to the night owl notion, the rest is far from true. While we may look disheveled sometimes, it's only from the tireless work, 7-days-a-week, running our own business and practicing non-stop. Behind the scenes in our world, there is endless self-improvement and passion!

Behind every great arts organization is a fantastic team of development professionals cultivating financial support. Behind every great artist.... well, artists are often left on their own to find donor support.

Being a donor means that your gift ensures continued artistic creativity and output. Your donations will help support the following current projects:

  1. Solo recitals - Michelle is preparing for a solo recital of original compositions scheduled for April 2017. Your donation will help pay for venue, program, video and photography services, and refreshments.
  2. Solo Album & Video - Michelle is currently working on material to create a solo album and music videos, scheduled for release in December 2017. Your donation will help alleviate associated recording costs, including studio space, sound engineer fees, mixing and mastering fees, salary for other musicians (yes, I pay my colleagues!), video vendor costs, post-production, and more.
  3. The Journey Project - The Journey Project is an ongoing project with bassist/composer Noor Che'Ree, composer/violinist Jonas Peterson, painter Audrey Zindler, and composer/sound designer Cameron Combe. The JP crew travels around the world and writes music using samples from around the places we visit. Your donation will help support equipment and travel costs for Michelle's roles on the team, which include cello, composition, and photography.
  4. Lushify - Lushify is a string session service in its infancy. Michelle hopes to build a business where recording pop artists can call for highly skilled string improvisers to sit in sessions and record tracks. Every business has it's startup costs, this one is great. The Lushify artists will create video content independent of our session work.
  5. The Wude - Jazz fusion duo with Noor Che'Ree, NS design artists. The Wude will perform at the NAMM convention on January 19 - 22 at the NS Design booth.

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donor perks

When you help support Michelle's artistic endeavors, you will receive:

  • Personal copy of Michelle's solo album
  • Personal video copy of Michelle's solo recital
  • A one-on-one cello lesson at Michelle's home studio. If you are not in Los Angeles, Michelle can provide top-quality Skype lessons!
  • Option to receive monthly updates about Michelle's upcoming performances 
  • Travel with the Journey Project to far-away places
  • Michelle is also a photographer and would love to provide head shots for your business
  • Private luncheon with Michelle and her Lushify or Journey Project Colleagues
  • Michelle's eternal gratitude!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Michelle. She will respond promptly.