Featured Reviews

"clever technique employed by live cellist Michelle Packman, who provides a cinematic-style scoring to the piece..."
Mayank Keshaviah, L.A. Weekly

"We had Michelle perform in a music video for one of our clients. She was extremely flexible and easy to work with. She learned the part in a very quick amount of time and performed beautifully. I highly recommend Michelle."
Jackie Andersen, Sumerian Records
"Your cellist was amazing and her sounds hit every spot. Thank you for such an amazing show."
Sandy Slear, Stage Raw
"I especially enjoyed the cellist - her beautiful playing and expressive face added an overall feeling of melancholy and hope that was a constant presence."
Jenn Scuderi, Hollywood Fringe Review
"Michelle, you've brought an immeasurable amount of experience and creativity... I can't thank you enough for your commitment. You're one of the hardest working people I've ever had the privilege of knowing."
J. Arbour, singer-songwriter
"A true musician, Michelle took my recommendations and suggestions with consideration for our event. She was the sole musician for our wedding ceremony, and though we did not have a tradition processional or recessional, she made the experience unique. Our guests were surprised to be treated to an impromptu concert by an incredible musician."
Aldo René, Wedding Client


email: michelle.packman1@gmail.com
tel: 949-510-1330